About Keith W Springer

Keith W Springer is a retired professional photographer with a passion for nature photography. From lush forests to wildlife, mountains, rivers, and countryside landscapes, Keith has always been fascinated by the beauty of Mother Nature. Now that he’s retired, he’s taken to frequenting national parks in his hometown of New York City to satisfy his thirst for nature photography.

As a professional photographer, Keith knows that it’s important to not limit himself to subjects related only to nature, which is why he made it a point to accommodate requests for portraits, events, product shoots, and even corporate shoots when he was still active in his profession. He knows that by exposing himself to various forms of photography, he was able to hone his skill and develop new ones. It’s the best way to stay on top if his game.

Growing up in New York City

New York City is in itself an interesting subject for any photographer; and for a young boy like Keith, growing up in a city that is a melting pot of people of diverse ethnicity, NYC presents many wonderful opportunities to learn about different cultures. As far back as he can remember, Keith has always been fascinated with the arts, and NYC, after all, is teeming with museums and galleries that house many amazing works of art. His parents always took him to visit these venues; perhaps this is why he grew fond of the arts at a very young age.

It was the photos in these galleries that struck him the most; imagining the person behind the lens capturing the most amazing shots a young boy his age has ever seen.

College Education

By his senior year in high school, he decided to take up Art Education, with a minor in Art History at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

While in college, he pursued photography, but more as a hobby than a profession. Thanks to his undergraduate studies, he was able to dig deeper into his innate creativity, and by the time he finished his undergraduate studies, he knew that there only one career path for him; professional photography.

Professional Photographer

Admittedly, Keith didn’t get to where he was without running into a few stumbling blocks along the way. There was even a time when he began questioning his talents, and whether or not he made the right decision to pursue photography. But being a photographer was all he ever wanted to do, and so he pushed on—and kept pushing without turning back.

The monetary rewards of his job were just an incentive for doing what he loves. The true reward is in capturing picture-perfect moments and seeing these appreciated by his clients and the public. But most of all, the reward was being able to pursue what he loves and see all the results of his efforts.

Today, he hopes to share his experiences with the public in hopes of encouraging them to keep pushing for their dreams no matter the obstacles.

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